I would like to express not an Apology necessarily but more of a deep Horror of what is being transcribed here. It is one thing to read about what has happened to a person, a particular incident that occurred in their life, but this is quite different. In the following Pages I will be relating much more than that. I will be talking about people that I know and love very much, and saying things that I know will happen, and are going to happen to All of us because this is Our Future!

But the most burden I feel is as a parent. My wife and I have been Blessed with a vey full quiver and I feel most fervently for those who are struggling, but I feel an even Greater Burden for God the Father Himself and our LORD Jesus Christ because They are the One who has by far suffered the Most. I believe that this is very Painful for Them to hear, and go through, as though being on the literal Cross itself, as if They have never been able to get off that cross, even now. And that They will only be really free of that pain when They wrap it all up in the,,, Fullness of Time, and time stops, when we enter Eternity.

When I see Jesus I see the Father and I know the sorrow They feel, and I cannot begin to imagine it.

It ALL started of course with the Vision of Swords.

I re-read the Bible a few times and chapters showed up more everytime I read it. The hook got stuck in me at first by  "Fill you up then the measure of your fathers" Matt.23:32

​That little verse seemed so out of place 

Are you nervous Honey? No, not nervous, but I feel very, very small. 

Like a tiny Voice Calling in a Hurricane!

All of the Christians are off the planet now, it is the Beginning of the last,
2nd Half of the Tribulation 

Although I haven't finished Chapter 14, I will publish what's done

There seems to be a tremendous amount of the Book of Daniel to be included

I haven't yet published or started to really get to work on Revelation(s). Just my preliminary once over, which took a year, or more. It's not just the reading

                                                                  June 12, 2019