This sentence is Very Interesting !!!  So much so that I can't pass it by without mentioning why.
It says "but The Sinner being a Hundred yrs. old Shall be Accursed" Why? Because this is during the Thousand Year Millennium Period !   Do We Fully Realize what God is giving to us here?  Yes there will be sinners in the Mill. Period !     We know that because they separate themselves from us, and even surround us there!!  Of course The LORD just goes "Poof" and fire comes down from heaven and takes them All out  (No, not to dinner).  Rev.20:9

    The Apostle Paul, Good ol' Saul, standing next to you there,,,(in the Mill. Kingdom)  said "But it does not appear yet what we shall be!!"  That's True, but here are some clues!! 

‚ÄčI'm so excited about this!!!

  This is all that I have for now. I am still working on the Book of Daniel,  Revelation(s) and Zechariah 

    Jer. 50

    Isaiah  65, 66    Jeremiah 50, 51

I have included this first little bit, because I feel it's very important. God says His Eyes weep Bitterly because a portion of His People
have been "Taken Captive" and believe a Lie. Those chosen who He Has Spoken to, on the Mountain of Fire, Those whom He, and His Son Died for.
"Come and let Us reason together, though your Sins be as RED AS BLOOD they shall be as white as snow" But they wouldn't have it.
Beaten Beyond Recognition as a human